Why book management and not a book writer.

“Your book is not merely a piece of writing but a platform of your success”

So can you risk outsourcing your dreams to a single person?

Hiring a book writer invites many hurdles such as lack of professionalism, delay in communication, personal ego of the book writer, and risk of confidentiality and so on. All these factors can result incompletion of the book.

We at Writekraft have pioneered book writing by shifting focus from book writing to the book management: Where we as a company and our management professionals control or shape multiple steps in the research, analysis, writing, and publication of your work, thus giving you a veneer of independence and credibility. There is independence because you shape the eventual message conveyed by the book. There is Credibility because you are placing order with a private limited company whose business and sustainability depends upon the quality of service they provide to their clients.   Another key advantage is that we will use our expertise for making your book a vehicle for marketing, which translates into more royalty and earnings for you.


Our book writing department Team is divided into 4 key departments:


Your book will not be written by a single person but by a team of writers. A key person of the organization will lead the team and your message will be transferred to the writing team via this key person. This key person will be part of the writing team as well. There will be no direct communication between the writing team and the client thus ensuring confidentiality. Moreover, since the team will be managed, thus work will be carried on in a professional way and timely manner.


These will be the group of writers who will perform your writing work. All communications and feedback will be passed from management team to the writing team. Further, a key person of the management team will be a part of the writing team.


This team will review the work done. The team will be selected based on their background, age group which aligns with contents of the book.


This team will edit and proof read your document.


Our assistance for your book also covers the following aspects:

We Define Your Target Market

The target market consists of the people that you think your book will appeal to. These are the people that will benefit most from your book.

We will Define Your Demographics

Demographics are important to know when planning your book out because it will help define your voice throughout the story. Demographics are statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it. Identifying your demographics and your potential readers will help you further drill down into what readers you really want to target. If you are writing a children’s book, your demographic will be much different than if you were writing a book on marketing and sales.

Continuously expand your knowledge on the subject of your book. Buy, read, and find out everything you can about other authors, books or articles dealing with your same subject.

We will Make Your Book Stand Out

In order to make your book stand out, firstly we will include content that make your book different from other books in the same genre. All of these things make your book unique to others.

We will gather Information for your book

We will Plan your book, do your research and homework before you start to write. We are able to write several books a year because we plan out every detail before we begin writing.